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Welcome to The Not Wife Life.

An insight into the world of a thirty-something, unmarried military spouse.

‘Blogging’ is all new to me, as is sharing my story, so join me on my (hopefully) exciting journey. I’ll be discussing the highs and lows of life, questioning everything and revealing some general ‘crazy brain’ ramblings.

I call it ‘crazy brain’ because sometimes the thoughts are so irrational, fast-paced and they seem to take over. Completely illogical at times, but that doesn’t stop them from being there. They’re thoughts I’m sure most of us have but just don’t talk about. So I’m here to say, “it’s okay!” and it’s all NORMAL!

Who Am I? – The Unmarried Military Spouse

I’m a qualified Mental Health First Aider, specialising in the forces community, so if you’re struggling, please do get in touch. Don’t suffer alone.

Head to my ‘Who Am I?’ post to find out more about me and my life as an unmarried military spouse. Military relationships have their challenges, but they’re also worth every moment!

I am no one special, I live an ordinary life, in an ordinary village, ‘not-married’ to an extraordinary man!

Join me as I discuss all things life!

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