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    Unmarried Military Spouse

    As I head towards my sixth year as an unmarried military spouse, I thought it was about time I shared my take on it. Being a military family, everyone just assumes you’re married, and that automatically makes you a ‘dependant’ (do you all hate that too?!) I want to delve into the world of the modern military family. So here goes… Quick back story to get you up to speed if you don’t have time to scroll back through my blog. My not-husband and I met back in 2015. We met online as I was working 13-hour shifts on a surgical ward, and he was doing the usual too-ing and…

  • Life

    The Crazy World of Adulting!

    Do you feel like an adult yet? I think we’ve all questioned this at some point. Haven’t we?! “Are we ‘adulting’ correctly?!” I glanced over at the birthday card on the fireplace whilst sipping my morning tea and it hit me! Right there, right then. I am an actual adult! Sharing my story because I feel we all question ourselves sometimes and yet we’re all doing just fine! The birthday card was “To my wonderful (not) Wife and Best Friend”. It suddenly dawned on me. This person in my life – my amazing not-husband – thinks the world of me. He thinks I’m great and appreciates all I do! Who’d…